Aids | Robot Face Race Game, Ages 7-12

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Robot Face Race is an award-winning game recommended by American Mensa, the certifiably brainiest people around. Our present evolutionary age is and has been all about language. With the advent of artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality, however, our future will be increasingly visual and spacial, breaking language barriers.

Polish up your own visual discrimination skills and help your kids develop theirs with this entertaining and effective game from Educational Insights.  In it, dozens of robot bodies have lost their heads! But you can help. Just shake the Robot Randomizer, note the attributes of your robot’s head, and search the board for the robot head with the colored face,  nose, eyes,and mouth to find the match. You can encourage younger children by letting them pick just one attribute to match and flexibly manage the rules to create fun for the whole family. In addition to the game board, you get 120 different robot heads and 20 robot scoring tokens. The best part, though, is that all players play all the time – no waiting for your turn! Readers and nonreaders can both have fun, as can speakers of any language. Perfect for developing our future brains. Check it out and read the reviews here!