Are We There Yet? If It’s VR – Then, Yes!

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Are we there yet? You be the judge. Sensor Tower has compiled new data showing that global downloads of VR games and apps from the App Store and Google Play in 2016 grew 276% over 2015, with a total of 226 million downloads. The report also predicts that that growth of VR app downloads will continue in 2017. To get the telltale shape of the (exponential) curve, check out the graph below.  Here are a few details: in 2016gaming represented the largest category of VR app downloads, at 56%, while entertainment apps represented 17% and photo and video apps represented 10%. Apple’s App Store accounted for a substantial amount of growth, even though it does not even have a headset. The Apple App Store downloads increased 727% in 2016, while Google Play downloads grew 424% over 2015.

Data shows VR app growth for Apple, Google