Attacks By Disruptive Botnets Used Google’s Android System.

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Researchers are reporting that a new system – Google’s Android operating system for phones and tablets – was recently being used to wage powerful denial-of-service attacks that were distributed among hundreds of thousands of poorly secured devices. The botnet was made up of some 300 apps available in the official Google Play market. Once installed, they surreptitiously conscripted devices into a malicious network that sent junk traffic to certain websites with the goal of causing them to go offline or become unresponsive. At its height, the WireX botnet controlled more than 120,000 IP addresses located in 100 countries. Taking down the botnet coordinated the talents of researchers from seven organizations pooling individual pieces of data they had access to in an attempt to figure out what was causing the series of attacks they believe began on August 2, 2017. The researchers quickly observed that all of the browsers involved identified themselves with the 26 lowercase English letters in random orders. That clue helped them to discover that all the attacks were coming from malicious apps running on Android devices.