“Awakening” Is First Brain-Controlled VR Game.

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Awakening, the planet’s first brain-controlled VR (virtual reality) game, will make its debut at SIGGRAPH 2017 this weekend. The game is played entirely without handheld controllers. Players manipulate objects and battle enemies using specific signals called “event related potentials” (ERP) that the brain makes when it reacts to stimuli. Neurable’s BCI (brain-computer interface) analyzes patterns of brain activity to determine the user’s intent. The technology already enables typing on virtual keyboards and controlling prosthetic limbs, entirely from brain activity. These intent-driven interactions hold tremendous promise for mixed reality environments. The eventual perfect solution for users is a brain-computer interface that allows them to scroll menus, select items, launch applications, manipulate objects, and even input text using only their brain activity. Neurable plans a commercial release of Awakening to VR arcades in 2018, but the integrated platform is built for one purpose: to enable developers to create brain-controlled content for virtual reality. How could anyone who’s seen Star Wars not be interested in that?