Battle For Cloud Business Intensifies Among Tech Giants.

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The battle for the Cloud is on, and winning may depend on the weaponry that has already been developed by the tech giants. In 2015, Google bet on a piece of software called ­TensorFlow created by its artificial intelligence (AI) researchers. The software is used to build machine-­learning software. Now, TensorFlow is making it much easier for the company’s engineers to translate new approaches to artificial intelligence into practical code, thereby improving search processes and speech recognition. Whether by accident or design, Google made one more smart move – offering TensorFlow to the world for free. Now TensorFlow is closing in as the clear leader among programmers creating the future of machine learning. Once creators build something with TensorFlow, the software will run anywhere, but of course, the path of least resistance for the new creations is to transfer them to Google’s cloud platform. That means the software’s popularity is building Google’s strength in the battle for a larger and larger share of the $40 billion cloud infrastructure market. Changing Google’s tortoise position as a distant third in the Cloud race behind the Amazon and Microsoft hares may depend on TensorFlow as the weapon that closes the distance.