BlueBorne Is New Attacker That Connects Via Bluetooth.

In Brain Technology, Security and Cyberattacks by Brainy Days Ahead

BlueBorne is a new cyberattacker that connects via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is turned on by default on many devices. Moreover, users prefer to leave it on since it is a convenient way of connecting headphones, keyboards, and other various Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Different types of Bluetooth connections exist, one of which is pairing between them. In most operating systems, when the user is actively trying to pair to a device, his machine is discoverable over Bluetooth by nearby peers. In any other case, discoverability is disabled. However, a Bluetooth-enabled device is almost always listening for unicast traffic targeted to it, even when it is not set on discoverable mode (this is called “Page scan mode”). Because this is so, an initiating party seeking to establish a connection only needs to know the BDADDR (Bluetooth device address, MAC address) of the target device. Once an attacker acquires it, and is in physical proximity of the device (RF range) he or she can reach the surprisingly wide attack surface of its listening Bluetooth services.