Breakthrough: Migraine Headaches Due to Blood Flow Interruption.

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Migraine headache cause theories run in two main directions: neurological and vascular.  A recent massive study may resolve the debate. The participants represented 12 different countries. Almost 60,000 migraine sufferers who had participated in previous studies in whih thier DNA or genome was scanned and more than 300,000 “controls,” people who don’t get the headaches, partcipated. The study was conducted by scientists at the International Headache Genetics Consortium (IHGC). The findings strongly suggest that it all has to do with blood flow–that restriction of blood vessels in the brain is what causes migraines. Further, the researchers identified 38 specific genes or loci tied to migraines, 28 of which had never been implicated before. Of even greater interest is that these same genes are associated with other forms of illness, all of which also fall within the realm of vascular disease. Due to this, researchers believe blood vessel problems are at the heart of migraines.