Deep Data Driving Augmented Reality (AR) Innovation.

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Shazam, a company known for its music discovery features and deep data trove, has hired Richard Sharp as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer in hopes of creating Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. About his appointment, an enthusiastic Sharp said,  “It’s a huge user base and a lot of data. We’re sitting on a goldmine of data that lets us see how the world interacts with music, and interacts with physical products as well.” Sharp did some work on ubiquitous computing at Cambridge University, where he was awarded his Ph.D. His professional background also includes work as Senior Product Manager at Google. Sharp said the data is one of the big reasons why he joined the company. “Internally, we’ve shown we can predict what’s going to be in the top 40,” based on Shazam data. Big data, big market, big dreams at Shazam.