Diagnosing Parkinson’s From How Someone Draws A Spiral.

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Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease with 93 percent accuracy before there are any physical symptoms is a breakthrough achievement by researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Given that there currently are no laboratory tests for Parkinson’s, the breakthrough is close to a miracle that will one day be used as a standard screeniing test. So how does the software devised by the researchers work? It simply records how a person draws a spiral. Analyzing the data in real time, the software tool can tell whether a person has Parkinson’s and how severe the condition is. Neuroscientists have known that Parkinson’s disease affects people’s writing and sketching abilities, but previous efforts have not converted that understanding into a reliable method of evaluating a patient’s current state prior to physical symptoms. The best part is that all a doctor needs to run the test is a pen, some paper and a large drawing tablet, and the software can accurately predict the condition’s severity.