Digital to Biological Converter May Seed The Galaxy.

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A “digital-to-biological converter” prototype could one day broadcast biological information from the sites of a disease outbreak to vaccine manufacturers. There is also the dream that it may one day transmit life forms between planets. The heart of the digital-to-biolgical converter is a commercial DNA printer named BioXP 3200. The research team recently disclosed that they had used the device to create DNA, RNA, proteins, and viruses “in an automated fashion from digitally transmitted DNA sequences without human intervention.” Scientists hope to commercialize the device to send life back and forth between planets. In one scenario, a sequencing machine could be sent to Mars to obtain the genetic code of any life forms, or near-life forms, found there. From that data, an earthbound converter would reconstruct the alien life, perhaps in a high-security lab. Sending earth life data into space could be even more interesting. Such a machine might be sent to Mars to print fuels, or print part of an atmosphere, or nutrients, according to one researcher. The future is nearer than we think and soon we may be scattering seeds throughout the universe.