Enzymes Guide Formation, Spread Of Brain Tumors.

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Enzymes are key to how brain cancer tumors form and spread. Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reveal in a study that the enzymes Gen5 and alpha-KGDH induce hisrone succinylation and promote tumor cell proliferation and tumor development. Histones are gene-regulating proteins that play a central role in processes like the replication, transcription, and repair of DNA.  Succinylation is newly-identified histone modification process.  The researchers demonstrate that alpha-KGDH interacts with Gcn5 in the cell nucleus and that tumor cell proliferation and tumor growth were inhibited when alpha-KGDH was blocked from entering the cell nucleus or by disruption of Gcn5’s binding to succinyl-coenzyme A. Their finding illuminates how brain cancers grow and will propel future research using the knowledge to restrict the spread of cancers in the brain.