Estrogen Role In Brain Seizures Linked To DHA.

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Estrogen production in the brain affects seizures, and its effect is directly connected to the presence of DHA. This is the revelation from recent research by scientists at Hiroshima University. DHA is a common health supplement that is abundant in fish oils and is also synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid found in some vegetable-based oils. The researchers linked the growing understanding of estrogen’s role in brain health and DHA’s ability to reduce epileptic seizures and examined whether there was a link between the two phenomena. After 28 days on diets including three different types of oils, three groups of mice were exposed to seizure-inducing drugs. The mice fed on cottonseed oil with DHA supplementation, took far longer for seizures to take hold, confirming that dietary sourced DHA was a key contributing factor. These mice also had higher levels of estrogen, suggesting that the hormone’s production affects seizures, and that this is directly connected to DHA’s presence. The results are immediately helpful to the treatment of epilepsy and confirm the importance of estrogen production and DHA supplementation in  brain health.