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The HONGYU Wireless Outdoor Sport Watch is a motivating choice to help you elevate your fitness, your spirits, and your brain’s blood flow. It sports a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, MP3 Player, hands free calls, one-key call back, and other great features. The benefits of exercise will have a lasting effect throughout your day. Recent neurological studies find that when sedentary people begin an exercise program, blood flow to their brains is augmented even when they later rest or are not moving. The reverse is also true. Blood flow to the brain is reduced over time for top athletes who cease their activity and become sedentary. So…we need to get and keep moving. This cool watch can definitely keep you on track. Research shows that we need aerobic cardiovascular exercise of 75 to 150 minutes each week, depending on the intensity. So what can get us to do it? Have a little fun and make your workouts carefree and entertaining.

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