Games In VR Have Powerful Exercise Effect.

In Exercise, Virtual Reality by Brainy Days Ahead

Games like Wii Sports, and Just Dance on the Kinect are specifically designed to get you active. Virtual Reality (VR) now is considered a part of this group, thanks to a University of Sydney study revealing how much physical exertion the games require. The study examined the physical exertion of a wide range of participants, including those who exercised regularly and others who did not exercise at all. Participants played four VR games currently on the market: Fruit Ninja VR, Hot Squat, Holopoint and Portal Stories: VR. Each game was chosen to provide a different form of physical interaction for participants. Fruit Ninja mainly works the arms; Hot Squats works the large leg and gluteal muscles needed to squat; and Holopoint works a mix of muscles. The fourth game, Portal Stories: VR, is a puzzle game requiring relatively little physical movement. Researchers monitored participants’ heart rates while playing each game for sessions of between five and 10 minutes, then compared to regular physical exercise. As one might expect, Portal Stories had the lowest exertion measures and the heart-rate score was equal to very light activity. Fruit Ninja‘s maximum heart-rate score was equal to light exercise, like walking, Holopoint‘s was equal to moderate intensity/dancing and Hot Squats‘s fell in the heavy/running category. That’s right – you can play VR instead of going for a run.