Glue Provides Stem Cell Scaffolding For Repairing Brain Injury.

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Brain Glue invented by researchers at the University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bioscience Center can take the shape of the void left in the brain after a severe injury. The glue will enable a more natural healing environment for stem cells in the brain to colonize and regenerate by providing various possibilities to trap neural stem cells, improve integration and reduce the likelihood of rejection. The researchers point out that surgeons dealing with invasive injuries often will actually remove the part of the brain that is dead, leaving behind a cavity or hole. The chemical magic in their liquid formulation is that surgeons can briefly expose it to long-wave UV light and form a hydrogel in whatever shape is needed. Now that they have a way to create the scaffold, the researchers are exploring how neurons fire and wire together and what this really means in terms of re-establishing function.