GyroDrive – A Mini-Helicopter You Can Drive.

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Gyrodrive is a creative competitor to global automakers’ obsessions with bringing the first flying car to market. Gyrodrive is the brainchild of a Czeck engineer and owner of Nirvana Systems, a company producing motors for small flying machines. Its design is based on that of a gyroplane (mini-helicopter) where rotors are used to move up and down, and airplane-style pusher propellers are used to move forward. The resulting two-seater flying copter/car can drive up to 25 miles per hour and totes enough fuel to take its crew on two short drives. To fly, it needs less than 100 yards to take off and reaches top flying speed at about 111 mph. If you want to buy one, the price is about $63,500. A hundred years ago, people were still riding horses. But horseless carriages were on the way. This time feels similar to that one. Imagine where we will be 100 years from now. The AeroboMobil company in Slovakia says it has received dozens of orders for a flying car they expect to be on the market in 2020. In neighboring Slovakia, the AeroMobil company says it has received dozens of orders from customers for a flying car expected to hit the market in 2020. Japan’s Toyota Company also announced plans to launch a three-wheeled flying car with retactable wings and drone technology. And Google has released a video of its airborne flying car Kitty Hawk and has announced plans for deliveries of a personal flying machine in 2017. Read more and watch the video here.