A Hand With Intuition – Breakthrough For Prosthetic Limbs.

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Until now, intuition was in the human realm. Now scientists at Nescastle University have created and tested on a small number of amputees a bionic hand that “sees” objects using a camera, decides what kind of grip to adopt, and triggers the correct movement to pick it up. The scientists believe the device will give the wearer the ability to grip objects without the use of their brain. This is truly a breakthrough, since prosthetic limb reactions have been slow and cumbersome and have not changed much over the last century. In their recent research the team successfully programmed the hand to react within milliseconds and perform four different types of programmed “grasps” allowing the amputee to pick up a cup, hold a TV controller, and grip objects with a thumb and two fingers or a pinched thumb and first finger–all with automatic responses from their “intuitive” hand.