Human flesh flexed by robots.

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Two University of Oxford biomedical researchers want robots to be built with real human flesh. They believe this would be particularly helpful for bone, tendon, and muscle grafts. Failures in these grafts often occur at the interface between tissues. The researchers propose developing a “humanoid-bioreactor system” with “structures, dimensions, and mechanics similar to those of the human body.” As a robot wearing the tissues interacted with its environment, the tissues would receive the typical strains and twists that they would if they grew on a human. The result would be healthy tissue, grown for the exact area on the body it was destined to replace. The University of Tokyo’s Kenshiro robot has actuators that make human movements. If such a robot’s body were covered in squishy, fluid-filled bags of engineered tissue, it might help to construct better tissues for human replacement. the researchers quip that “patients needing tendon replacements in their hands might be able to shake hands or play piano with a robot who is wearing their future tendon grafts.

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