Humanoid Robot Displays Charms At United Nations Conference.

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A humanoid robot named Sophia attended a UN-hosted conference in Geneva to promote artificial intelligence (AI) and its benefits for humankind. The reality of automation and its impact on industrial manufacturing and jobs has raised concerns about the impact on society of the continuing rapid advances of these technologies. Sofia assured attendees that the positives will outweigh the negatives and that AI, rather than replacing people, will serve and help humanity. Major areas of expected benefits are healthcare and education, particularly in areas where there are shortages of professionals.  To address fears that humans might lose control of the technology, some participants called for a clear ethical framework to ensure the technology is used for good. A primary concern was that AI is a “black box” containing algorithms that no one understands. A second concern was the weaponizing of AI in “killer robots.” While Sophia may have relieved some concerns, participants seemed unconvinced that the human beings creating AI actually have meaningful, effective control of the technology.