Implanted Eye Lenses Get Augmented Reality, Other Upgrades.

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Implanted lenses are a common solution for cataracts and degenerative diseases mostly affecting senior citizens. Cataract surgery involves removal of the cloudy lens and replacing it with a thin artificial type of lens. Board-certified ophthalmologist Gary Wortz spotted an opportunity to add different interactive sensors, drug delivery devices and the inclusion of AR/VR integration to these implanted lenses. For example, an augmented map to help a person get around or to alert them if something is wrong medically would be very useful. Beyond the senior citizen market, the enhanced implants, termed Opthalmics, might one day be used to create super solders or enhance human performance in other ways. The lens contains a biologically inert space that Wortz says “…is going to stay open for business for whoever wants to develop an implant that will sort of fit hand-in-glove.” Wort’s company, Omega, has been testing the product for six months on a very small human clinical trial outside of the U.S. The test, involving seven patients, has had no adverse incidents during that period. More studies and a much larger human trial will launch soon.