Industrial Robot Hacking Dangerous For Humans.

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Hacking industrial robots is the central concern of a new report by researchers at Polytechnic University of Milan. Human workers increasingly are being asked to work along side robots and may be at risk of injury if one turns rogue. There is also a risk of industrial sabotage through software. It may be possible to introduce imperceptible changes in industrial robots that will lead to subtle effects in the goods produced and potentialy leave manufacturers open to blackmail threats. It is bad enough to have to update software and virus protections on our own personal devices. Will we also have to update and patch robot software? Not only is the answer “yes,” but these robots also are now exposed to corporate networks and the Internet. There is no “stop” button for humans, but if you are working with or around robots, you may want to make sure you know where your co-workers’ stop buttons are in case of weirdness.