Nanochip Replaces Tissue, Whole Organs In Days.

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Nanochip technology can now reprogram cells to replace tissue or even whole organs. The device, called Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), has been tested on mice and pigs so far with encouraging results. Researchers at Ohio State University developed the prototype device that sits on the skin and uses an intense electrical field to deliver specific genes to the tissue underneath it. Those genes create new types of cells that can be used nearby or elsewhere in the body. In animal tests, researchers were able to use TNT to reprogram skin cells on the outside of injured legs to become vascular cells. Within a week, active blood vessels appeared in the injured legs, and by the second week the injured legs had been saved by TNT. Nerve cells generated in the lab using the same technique were used to successfully help brain-injured mice recover from a stroke. Miracles do happen. The research team’s video explaining how the technique works, is below: