Nanoparticle Taxis Deliver Destructive Molecules To Cancers.

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Nanoparticles taxis carry passengers of short sequences of RNA molecules directly into a brain tumor (glioblastoma) to reduce the expression of specific cancer-promoting proteins. Northwestern University researchers tested the strategy, which stopped tumor growth and extended survival when administered continuously through an implanted drug infusion pump. Although the process is still at a conceptual stage, the research represents a new direction in the pursuit of a cure for one of the most devastating medical conditions. Glioblastoma’s genetic makeup varies from one patient to another. Using this new nanoparticle delivery approach, scientists will be able to target multiple cancer-causing gene products simultaneously in a particular patient’s tumor. Researchers believe customized nanomedicine could target the unique genetic signatures in any specific patient and potentially lead to greater therapeutic benefits. Further, the strategy could apply to other medical conditions related to the central nervous system — not just brain tumors.