Proteins That Signal Whether Brain Is Injured Are Identified.

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Three protein biomarkers have been identified by researchers at the University of Birmingham as indicators that the brain has suffered injury. The research team now hopes to use these new biomarkers to develop a test that can be used on the sidelines of sporting events or to detect brain injury at the scene of an accident. Researchers reveal a startling statistic: That, according to the World Health Organization, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the leading cause of death and disability among young adults, and by 2020 will become the world’s leading cause of neurological disability across all age groups. Yet despite its commonplace occurence, diagnosing the injury early and correctly has been challenging. TBI is known to lead to early alteration in inflammatory proteins. The study results identified three inflammatory biomarkers, known as CST5, AXIN1 and TRAIL, as novel early indicators of TBI that may now be studied further to improve clinical diagnoses and treatment of brain injuries.