Queasiness In Virtual Reality? Dial It Down To Suit Yourself.

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Queasiness in VR is caused by the relationship between your eyes and your inner ear. What you see with your headset on is not matching up to what you are feeling when you “move around” in the VR environment. Now this major challenge to VR’s success is being tackled by a young startup called VRemedy Labs. The company is developing a software-based dial that you can turn up or down to raise or decrease both excitement level and the resulting queasiness within VR games. To do this, the company is building its own video game revolving around rescuing some superheroes and including several kinds of VR locomotion that tend to make users feel sick. The startup team now is manually controlling the potentially uncomfortable effects that users experience as they try out the prototype. They are learning as they go, starting players at the highest level of intensity and, if they feel sick, slowly dialing it down at measured speeds to see if that helps and then ramping back up in hopes of finding a sweet spot for the player. Eventually, the team plans that players will be able to make the adjustments themselves. Eventually, the company plans to work with headset makers or release a software tool that game developers can use so their games can be accessible, adjustable, and enjoyable by everyone.