Safety Is Target of New U.S. Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Rules.

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Safety first is the message of a new report issued by the U.S. Department of Transporation (USDOT). The report states that the major factor in 94 percent of all fatal crashes is human error. Automated driving systems (ADSs) have the potential to significantly reduce these highway fatalities. In its report, called A Vision for Safety, the USDOT  lays out a regulatory framework that encourages the safe development, testing and deployment of automated vehicle technology. Benefits from ADSs also include improving access to transportation, reducing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, and increasing productivity and quality of life for millions of people. A Vision for Safety is expected to facilitate the integration of ADS technology by helping to ensure its safe testing and deployment, as well as encouraging the development of systems that guard against cyber-attacks and protect consumer privacy. While safety remains the number one priority, the Federal Government wants to ensure it does not impede progress with unnecessary or unintended barriers to innovation. Read the whole thing, here.