Scalp-Worn Electrical Device Slows Growth Of Brain Cancer.

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An electrical scalp device that delivers a continuous dose of low-intensity electric fields slows the growth of a deadly brain tumor and improves patient survival. This result has been demonstrated in a new clinical trial led by a Northwestern Medicine scientist. The new treatment has been named TTFields, which refers to alternating electric currents that are delivered through electrodes fastened to a patient’s scalp. Patients wear the device at all times as electrodes connected by a cable to a small battery-powered device deliver an electrical field to the patient’s brain tissue. The clinical trial revealed that patients who received TTFields did better than patients who did not, surviving 20.9 months rather than 16.0 months for patients not receiving the treatment. The median survival time for those receiving the TTFields therapy was 20.9 months versus 16.0 months for patients who did not, with a substantially higher fraction of patients alive at two, three or four years after diagnosis.  The result establishes the methodology as a new treatment that substantially improves the outcome for brain cancer patients.