Simulations Help Eliminate Epilepsy Symptoms.

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Simulations developed by mathematicians at the University of Twente, Netherlands, could help neurologists to identify which brain region to remove to eliminate an epilepsy patient’s symptoms. The mathematicians examine the interconnections between different brain regions closely, instead of searching for abnormal regions only. About 100,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from epilepsy, a disorder that is characterized by recurrent seizures. Two thirds of patients respond well to medicinal treatment. In other cases, the best option is to surgically remove a small brain region. But which region? The mathematicians teamed with researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht to use computer simulations and found that sometimes removing regions with a normal appearance worked better than removing ‘abnormal’ brain tissue. It all depends on the network structure. The ultimate step in the study was to simulate the entire brain of an individual patient in the computer. That model for a particular patient can identify the region to be removed, to produce the best results.