STEM Jobs Growing Faster In Smaller, Affordable Cities

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Recent data on STEM jobs – in science, technology, engineering or mathematics – shows tech jobs generally are emerging fastest in smaller, more affordable places. Praxis Strategy Group has compiled data on the last two years for the 53 largest metropolitan areas in the US. The results show Orlando, Florida, as the growth leader with 8% of total new jobs. San Francisco and Charlotte, N.C. are next at 7% each, followed by Grand Rapids (6%), and Salt Lake City, Tampa, Seattle, Raleigh, Miami and Las Vegas all at 5%. Silicon Valley (plus San Franciso) accounts for 44% of the U.S.’s venture capital funding, but the area is showing signs of slowing down. In the Bay Area, The San Jose Mercury reports that the tech job count has actually declined. STEM jobs have fallen to 2% growth annually. The fastest STEM growth is occurring in places that have far lower housing costs and typically have lower taxes and milder regulatory burdens.