Superman Drones Deliver Blood At Record Speeds.

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Superman drones faster than a speeding bullet – well pretty darn fast – have transported precious packages filled with dozens of human blood samples 161 miles accross a patch of Arizona desert. The experiment was conducted by Johns Hopkins medical scientists who wanted to test whether proper temperature of the blood samples could be controlled well enough over a three-hour flight to allow the samples to still be usable for laboratory testing when they reached their destination. Because of the ease with which drones can travel across rough terrains, water, and other barriers, the medical scientists believe that drones have an important role to play in the delivery of biological samples to both rural settings and highly populated areas. The scientists believe the use of drones will accelerate the time to diagnosis and care – just think of recent storms in Houston, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, and disease strains discovered in remote and lesser-developed countries – and are destined to to become our century’s best medical sample delivery system.