Tech | Kids Tablet PC with Augmented Reality 4D Learning.

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This newly available educational children’s tablet system comes pre-installed with an Augmented Reality (AR) 4D technology that will bring your child a fantastic experience of entertainment and learning. Animals educational cards achieve direct interaction between users and environment as they put 4D virtual objects into a real scene showing a live image. Ten sets of AR cards are included. AR “Animals Zoo” is an example of one of these interactive learning apps. Kids will experience deeper learning as dolphins, lions, dinosaurs and many others move around their tablet pc and desk! Curiosity will come alive. The PC also comes with four (4) sets of color cards that combine traditional coloring with virtual interaction. Children can color the four action coloring pages, then scan them and watch as characters come to life and interact on their devices with the “AR Color App”. Cartoons on action pages will be displayed in 4D via AR technology on the screen. Kids will be highly engaged as they see the animals tweeting, running, and rotating 360 degrees.

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