Tech | Sony Playstation VR gaming headset.

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In case anyone was wondering when or whether virtual reality (VR) gaming was going to take off, the answer is in. And the answer is NOW and absolutely. Sony’s new Playstation VR headset is selling like hotcakes – so much so that supplies of the product in stores are scare. As of mid-February, 2017, Sony is taking steps to remedy the shortage and meet the swelling demand for the product. The high sales figures are a big positive for VR and probably establish Sony as the leader in headsets and game consoles that provide more immersive experiences.

Make sure you are not on the outside looking in. VR is here – the adoption is starting to take off. Click on the links below to build your complete VR experience so you can get knowledgeable and tooled up for this exciting new technology.

Playstation VR Headset

Getting into PlayStation VR is as simple as plugging the headset and PlayStation Camera into the PlayStation 4 system. The  VR experience is delivered by an advanced VR display that runs at up to 120 fames per second and keeps you seamlessly connected to the virtual world. The experience is enhanced by 3D Audio Technology that enables you to pinpoint sounds all around you, and above and below you. The entire PlayStation system is designed with gamers in mind and the VR addition opens up a entire new world of unexpected experiences.

PlayStation 4 Camera

With the camera, you can insert yourself in play and even add a picture-in-picture video of yourself in gameplay livestreams. Combined with the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller’s light bar, the evolutionary 3D depth-sensing technology in the PlayStation Camera enables precise player tracking. You can log in and navigate your PlayStation 4 system immediately and hands-free with facial recognition and voice commands. 

PlayStation Move Motion Controllers – Two Pack

These controllers provide you with the most exciting and immersive gaming experiences in compatible PlayStation VR games. The have advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology, immersive vibration feedback, and easily accessible trigger and face buttons.