Unconscious Sexism or Racism – Is It Seeping Into AI?

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“Unconscious” is a word normally applied to sentient beings like humans. But if you give a goal to a device equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), it  is going to find a way to reach that goal. And the manner in which that decision is derived is not transparent. So if we humans “unconsciously” build bias into an AI, we might not know that it’s there. Cogntion X helps companies deploy AI and its cofounder describes some of the challenges. For example, the Washington Post reports tha Google is displaying higher-earning job ads to men than to women. Might women be less able to get loans or mortgages or qualify for insurance? How will we know the problem is there? Probably the way psychologists in the past have done – by asking questions. How will we fix it? By creating an environment of diversity and diverse thinking in those who are building our AI. AI is not the enemy here. The solution is up to us.