Visualization Is Key To Understanding Autonomous Vehicles.

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Visualization technologies developed at Uber are crtically important to understanding the decisions made by an autonomous vehicle. The Data Visualization team describes how they built the web-based platform and the challenges of combining complex and diverse datasets into a reusable web component. One of the challenges is that a large amount of data is required to recreate the context around a trip, like preprocessed maps and runtime vehicle logs. The mind-boggling video below shows the detail required.


Maps teams use the platform to inspect 3D map details at a given intersection.


Vehicle logs describe what the vehicle is doing, what it sees, and how it acts. Algorithms are run based on sensor data: perception (measuring), prediction (forecasting), and motion planning (acting). A vehicle needs to be able to perceive the activity around it through sensors and predict where these objects will be in the near future.

Operators use the platform to inspect perception and prediction data of an autonomous vehicle.

There’s much more, including a pitch to join the team if you have an interest in mapping self-driving technologies. Read the whole thing – fascinating.