VR-Lite Streaming Now on Facebook.

In Video, Virtual Reality by Brainy Days Ahead

TECHCRUNCH reports that all users can now stream 360-degree video (VR-Lite) to the Facebook platform using Facebook Live. Users are limited to a maximum streaming time of four hours per session. Facebook recommends an internet connection of at least 4 Mbps down to ensure quality. Some new 360-degree cameras, like the Samsung 360 (find on Amazon here), have Facebook live streaming integrated as a feature.

However, “true’ VR enthusiasts express concern that VR with only three degrees of freedom (3DOF), such as that offered by Samsung and Google Daydream, is not really VR. Expert Robert Scoble, a VR expert and author shown in the video here, fears that 3DOF experiences may confuse consumers and make them wonder why people are so enthusiastic about the VR future. In Scoble’s words, “Mobile VR is neutered. It isn’t good.” By comparison, when the user experiences six degrees of freedom (6DOF), which means you can move around instead of just looking around, VR is transformative. In the HTC Vive or high end Oculus Rift users have real VR, 6DOF.

In mobile so far, we don’t have real VR. We have only 3DOF. This has made Scoble more bullish about mixed reality. Mixed reality MUST be 6DOF. Scoble says that is why headsets that run Microsoft’s Holographic OS (which was developed for the HoloLens) are so much better because they have real VR. Microsoft didn’t take the half-step (3DOF) to mobile phones. That isn’t to say we should not enjoy the new experiences in 3DOF, but at least we know where we are – and aren’t.