Where will our thoughts fly next?

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The brain’s frontal cortex is heavily involved in  control. Starting with detailed brain scans that show how neurons are physically connected to one another with one-millimeter precision, these scientists use a mathematical technique drawn from control theory in engineering to show that the location and functions of regions of the brain are linked. “In fact, we believe that the human brain responds to internal and external stimuli with principles akin to large-scale dynamical network systems, such as power systems and robotic networks, and that a few carefully selected locations may be preferentially located to optimally guide complex functions…our results suggest that the human brain resembles a flock of birds. The flock comes to a consensus about which way to fly based on how close the birds are to one another and in what formation.” 

Future use of techniques like optogenetics, transcranial magnetic or direct-current stimulation, deep brain stimulation or even neurofeedback, the authors say, will depend on a better understanding of the dynamics of the whole brain. This study and discussion is a step in the right direction and a good read.