Zika Human Trials To Begin in Miami, Other Locations.

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The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UM) will soon begin one of the nation’s first full-scale Zika vaccine clinical trials testing the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) experimental DNA-based vaccine. As Miami-Dade County has been ground zero for the Zika virus outbreak in the U.S., testing the vaccine in an endemic region is critical to help determine the vaccine’s safety, effective dosage and whether it can effectively prevent disease caused by Zika infection. Researchers will initially recruit individuals from Miami-Dade County, who will be given the vaccine in varying dosages to test safety. The second part of the study, called part B, aims to determine if the vaccine can effectively prevent disease caused by Zika infection. Part B will enroll residents who have not had Zika infection previously from the “Zika zo ne” neighborhoods where local transmission of Zika occurred. Half of the participants in part B will receive the vaccine and half will receive a placebo. Neither the study investigators nor the participants will know who receives the investigational vaccine. UM is one of three sites in part A and one of 11 sites in part B. The other part A sites are located in Houston and Puerto Rico. The other sites in part B are located in Houston, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Panama and Mexico